Photo: Jessica Tremp

Photo: Jessica Tremp


I’m Carly. I’m a photographer who has been documenting weddings in Byron Bay and Australia wide for the past 5 years now. Photography crept up on me slowly since that art class in the dark room back in year ten. But it was about 8 years ago that it swept me off my feet. I picked up a camera as I started walking to my barista job in Brisbane. It slowed things right down for me and I began to see so much more around me. Things that were always there, and things that weren’t. I became fascinated in capturing it all and needed to know more about my camera and what we could be capable of together.

I try to seek out the emotion and feeling in a photograph and don’t mind the odd imperfections that sometimes occur, like a bit of blur or grain.

Maybe it’s from my love of analog photography and the nostalgic feeling it has.

I’m always learning and love the journey that photography is taking me on.

I’m currently based in Springbrook National Park and work in the Byron Bay area and Australia wide.

I'm also very grateful to have some of my work featured in the following: